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Product Development for Retail Product Services

RetailSoft.Plus offers product development services to help turn existing products into customizable retail service experiences.  The future of retail will be defined by a new combination of in-store Retail Product Services and traditional shopping experiences.

Our customizable kiosks allow your customers to view physical product samples and options and complete the purchase in-store on one of our customizable POS tablets. Products are shipped to customers within 3-5 days straight from the manufacturer.  Retailers earn a percentage of each sale, usually around 5-10%.

Great for specialty, seasonal, and hard to stock items.


Retailers carry no stock. Our kiosks blend seamlessly into store environments.
Eliminate stocking expensive low-profit items and reduce shipping and warehousing costs while offering a wider variety of customizable products.  


Convert any consumer product into a customizable retail service.  Change products and prices in-store quickly.  Avoid buybacks of unsold products.